rebel haiku

*authors note: this type of haiku is new territory for me i try to keep them nature based as intended by the earliest haiku writers. i am trying to expand on what i do in this genre of poetry because assimilating into newer generation demands expansion and an open mind. so i am throwing them out as a lamb to the slaughter as it were LOL these are my rebel haiku!

rebel rebel2

for haiku friday

hosted by LouCeel

9 thoughts on “rebel haiku

  1. very creative poetry ~ have done the traditional 5-7-5 haiku and ready to expand or contract myself with minimal words in different way too ~ good for you! Great to meet you and read your work ~ Happy Creating ^_^

    • i started with the 5-7-5 and then started following poets from the Haiku Society of America and “frog pond” their publication and saw the actual freedom of losing the syllabic count the impact can be so much more, i was hooked.
      I appreciate your greeting it is nice to meet you and Valli up there you as well!

  2. Yes, it constrains creativity – but within those constraints one can find great expression – as you have done. Thank you for being part of Haiku Friday.

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