4 thoughts on “the howling

  1. I know it’s probably wrong to say this, i mean it in the best of ways, I’m envious with the way you write poetry! Brilliant and beautiful. I can always see what you write…wolves on a conference call…exactly! amazing 🙂

  2. I’ll share a secret with you, subscribe to frog pond you can find it on the web site http://www.hsa-haiku.org/ for the haiku society of america, i learn a lot reading these writers and my style for haiku and other short forms changed over the years. also if you’re on twitter follow some of the poets on there micro poetry too just because your style is similiar to someone else’s doesn’t mean it’s not yours so read others play with writing how You like to read and develop from there. i know you did not start out your blog intyending to be a “writer” but you have some beautiful work, being a part of a creative community is always good for the soul so just keep writing!

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