5 thoughts on “my first contest entry

  1. Wow! Yours is great. Limericks are hard for me. I thought I’d put it out so everyone can have fun. I think it’s a quarterly thing. I submitted some for the last one but haven’t heard back yet. They also are open about accepting submissions for stories, articles, humor and kids’ stuff through their kids mags. I haven’t tried yet but it all sounds like fun.

  2. Alice if you want GREAT limerick you need to visit Mad Kane http://www.madkane.com/ I have been blogging with her for quite a few years now under a different name she is a NY lawyer i believe and longtime published limerick writer. you can get a feel for the rhythum of a limerick and how to make the words flow by reading her work. she also has a Limerick-off that people participate in every week lots of fun! if i were you i would submit some of your other work as well you have such a profond way of speaking to the heart in your poetry.

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