5 thoughts on “triolet #1 (double triolet)

  1. This is touching to me. I think of all the folks locked up inside their minds by the drugs
    marketed as liberation from mental illness. Thanks for this one. Alice

    • Alice sorry this took so long our router died last night right in the middle of working on stuff. My bestie Lori is a 45 yr bipolar survivor, how i will never know after all the drugs they now have her on Clozapine (i know you know what that stuff does) because her bipolar mimmics shcizophrenia (runs in the family) but all the years of drugs and almost no CBT has worn her down she cannot cope with anything, i cry for her all the time. (((hugs)))

      • Many many hugs to you and her, both.I’m sorry.

        (My computer connection has been down for a week. I’m on intermittent and borrowed as well. I hope yours is resolved faster than mine.)

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