it says no internet?

no internet1

our internet died last night so i am sitting in the parking lot of the library at 730 to get some work done before my oldest and i take off for China town (she leaves for the Air force in 3 weeks) and we are trying to spend some time together. i apologize if my visitis are a bit behind.

5 thoughts on “it says no internet?

  1. The library used to be my “go to” place to do nothing! lol Well, except read and write of course 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day with your daughter.

  2. Poor thing. I empathize. Counting down to seven whole days without internet here. Back to the old ways of beg, borrow and steal. Have a good time with your daughter. Alice

  3. Enjoy your time. Amazing how much we depend on our Internet working. My brother is in the Czech Republic teaching English abroad and he can only get to email and stuff at school. He has no Internet at home as of yet. Tough how hard it is to stay connected without it.

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