The big “D” and “chop chop”

Tyler over at the Ancient Eavesdropper always does the neatest things and it encouraged me to dig up some old poetry. i love history in poetry this is just one piece i wrote about henry VIII. it started out as a haibun several years ago but i realized while writting it it was not the way haibun is written but i had to finish it once started. i imagine it to maybe be a song that a bard sang long ago….

Henry and his Queens:

Oh Henry so wild and young, you did but yearn to take your fathers place and at the death of your brother Arthur you yearned to take his widow as well. And so it was at the time you took England Catherine of Aragon was ever by your side and in love with her king. And yet after a short time your eye did stray and it was another’s love you craved.

Catherine you loved

but love was not protection

from an angry king

Henry you put Catherine aside with divorce, a divorce that was costly to England. Your harsh actions towards those countrymen that did love you well, now become religious pressures and empty coffers all because of your desire for two things. Your yearning for Anne Boleyn and an heir was second only to the aspiration of being the head of the church of England. You made many enemies including the Pope and in the end no male heir became of it only a lovely queen with no head and a new love……….

Anne your beauty won

but an heir was not your fate

execution was

And now Henry you finally have the church, even the dissolution of monasteries to gain new fortune and assert your role as not only King of England but head of the church of England, and Jane Seymour gave proof that God sees you as his right hand in the church … with a son! An heir to the throne! But alas the life of this boy child has taken dear Jane a sparse two weeks after young Edward was birthed.

Jane true to your king

lost your life in giving birth

England has an heir

And so Henry you realize nigh on two years later you must go on with your life and you need a wife that will give you more sons, more heirs. Anne of Cleeves seemed a clever choice did she not? But she was not suited for life at the English court, she was no English rose but a simple German nobelwoman and so you set her aside with divorce but she is graceful and accepts her fate never disloyal, and so parting was somewhat cordial and still you look for love…….

Anne so different

you and Henry must part ways

yet you keep your head

And so Kathryn Howard is your newest fate. Your love must be conquered by now, you are almost a half century and she has not yet two decades to her name. She makes you feel young again but alas she may not have been the simple yet pure flower you envisioned when you picked her from the garden and so another queen, another wife shares the fate of execution……..

Kathryn Oh so young

your past comes back to haunt you

so you are no more

Henry you age, and not well I might add. You still crave a beautiful Queen by your side. Loyal and understanding, fresh and unpicked and then came Catherine Parr. Pious and dutiful she may not be a great beauty but would never do you harm. But Henry no more do you joust you are no longer vibrant there is only the throne, Katherine and indulgence. And so you leave Catherine behind no longer king of England …….

Catherine my dear

no longer queen but widow

now that Henry’s gone

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