10 thoughts on “dreams: interrupted or corrupted

  1. Very incisive. I like the color of the steam you blow off. I worry about all everyone’s futures, too. Thanks for carrying the torch of truth in your poetry. It is the responsibility of writers, musicians and artists to speak up. Good work! Alice

    • I think writers and other artists at least some worry about offending people and at the same wanting to reach people. I try not to point fingers Ina direction but turn heads in the right direction does that make sense?

      • Yes. What you say makes perfect sense to me. And I suspect you are much better at the “steel hammer in a velvet glove” communication style than I am.

        I have an innate talent for offending people, no matter how carefully I tread.

        Plus, I lose patience when I’m surrounded by obvious dangers. I want to shout and wake people up.

        Thanks for your conversations here. I really appreciate having you to bounce ideas off of.


  2. Perfection. What a wonderful snapshot of America at this time in history. I always enjoy when you write poetry in this bent. By the way my roommate loves when I read her your poems…

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