17 thoughts on “Sorrow

    • Elizabeth, when i saw these chairs at the cemetery this poem is exactly how i thought, good thing i want to be doanted to the body farm, that way i wont have a party no one will show up for 😉

  1. Each of us interprets in his own way. Since it was called Sorrow, I saw empty spaces and places in my life. Things or people that are gone…never to return and never to be replaced.
    I suppose if you had called it Happiness, I would have thought about all the people and events and experiences that are waiting to fill up the chairs of my life.

    Well, you did say: Say what you like! lol

    • Lady, you totally caught on it was mine to give the reader an image. when i took this how i wrote the poem is how i fet at that exact moment and i wanted to draw the reader into that moment with me thanks for this feed back i truly appreciate it!

      • I had no idea that those chairs were in a cemetery. I don’t go to funerals.:(
        But glad I responded. Sometimes I hesitate to comment, because I never want to be taken the wrong way and unfortunately I have. One never knows. lol

    • Oh Susan i am an avid photographer, i go to cemeteries ( no i am not that wierd) and take shots for my online store this is actually a shot i used to make a sypathy card but it is untitled so it has other uses as well.thanks for asking tho, our little WP community is very caring and i appreciate that! (((hugs)))

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