17 thoughts on “a new path

  1. Ah. Lovely work. Thought provoking. I’m having the loveliest time on a path that is a combination of the paths of four (that I know of). I would choose a picture of four-tines leading into a single fork handle. Before, I had to always “do it MY way” as an individual. The true path of the heart can be made of many. πŸ™‚

    • Alice my mother was very Catholic so I spent a lot of years receiving a Catholic edu. As I grew I questioned things like all the persecution and unbending anti Anything but “they”are right which led to my questioning Christian ideology like if you’re not saved you’re not a child of God all this unacceptable unless you’re like us, who am I to say anyone’s God is wrong? In my eyes everyone’s version is correct but I have decided I no longer need to agree with everyone for fear of persecution I am comfortable in my own ideology = )

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