full circle

My garden is in our front yard because the dogs well our husky claims the backyard for her diggin grounds LOL. I am so grateful for the space my daughter and i have in front for a garden, compost, and all and that no one has disturbed it because we have a lot of middle/high school traffic and transient traffic too.this is just one corner of a very eclectic garden.

garden circle

14 thoughts on “full circle

    • Susan when we can finally retire and move (we stay here mainly for family) Mr. Hubby wants a big garage and i want a big back yard for chickens and maybe some ducks, big garden, you know a Zen place!

      • I know what you mean. We want to move out away from everyone and have about 5 or 10 acres with no neighbors and have a big garden too.

        Funny how when we get older, we want less people interaction and more solitude.

        • Yep but then I think I don’t want to be to removed in the later years and when we move it will be the last time God willing! It too far out when I am a little old lady might be be… I don’t know we have time to think but I wish we were moving now!

    • this does get lots of sun and as i said with the foot traffic i am fortunate nothing is disturbed. when we lived in the house that burned i had a huge garden all above ground because the land was lease from the USFD and nothing could be in the ground that was not indigenous so all containered but the deer and other wildies stole from it and the people in the day use area (part of national forest so had public use near by) would “stray on our property” and steal the veggies so i gave up LOL

  1. Beautiful garden…I’m jealous! I am not known for my green thumb! In fact, most gardens would swear my thumb is the thumb of death! lol

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