13 thoughts on “size doesn’t matter

  1. i just had this memory – when i was a young dancer, my modern teacher would always pair me with this one guy – he was 6′-1″ and legs which were as long as a highway – he eventually went on to dance with the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. Anyway, I am short – 5′-3″ and then was even shorter – in high school. The reason why i was paired with him was because my teacher wanted me to move – more. We always did this traveling movement that was supposed to look like gliding – a way to learn spacial awareness. Well, I had trouble, being short but Mr.Truitte felt I could do it. So he paired me with Mr. Legs – it took me about 2 months – but I did it. I thought i couldn’t, my teacher knew I could. When i danced next to James I felt like I could and i did.

  2. This made me smile! Isn’t that so true. My grandmother was legally blind when she got older. She continued to do everything by herself. She lived alone, cooked, cleaned, and lived. Then one day her boyfriend told her she couldn’t do something because she was blind. Suddenly she began to think that she couldn’t do those things she’d been doing because she was blind. It didn’t matter that I tried to explain that she’d been doing them well before. His words made her think she couldn’t. She was the tortoise until she was told otherwise!

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