11 thoughts on “inked

  1. The keeping of letters is a topic that haunts me. I ask myself why he keeps my letters but can’t bring himself to talk to me. I ask myself if it means he still loves me.

  2. Gosh, I love this! You always capture the “simple” things with such power. I love the image of black ink seeping through tears of a love letter. This pun is completely not intended- but those words are so poetic!

    • Kimberly they say write what you know but i think sometimes writers write what they’ve missed out on so maybe i write from experinces i have missed. Don’t get me wrong Mr Hubby is wonderful but not evry girl gets that torrid out of control romance, socould be for me a wee bit O’ fantasy = )

  3. There is power in the words of letters. The seem to be permanently dyed on our eyes (aka the window to our souls). This is lovely. And I think you are right about writer’s sometimes writing what they’ve missed out on. I have quite a few poems like that…not yet posted 🙂

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