to be or not?

i felt the need to do a limerick today, tried working on the serial killers but this came out instead? Weird i know but anti-socialism is so prevalent  most people are unaware of it until it becomes more than obvious, so this was born.

loner limrick

10 thoughts on “to be or not?

  1. I loved this!! Especially the final line “what matters in life’s what your bringing.” I know it is not the focus of your poem, but I am constantly talking to my stepchildren that how you treat life is what shows up at your door. I find your last line just another way of speaking to this idea. Life is about “bringing it” not sitting, passively awaiting its delivery to you.

    • Kimberly your recent posts What if Today is the Day that Changed Everything & Want Success really influenced this, it started going for the serial killer limerick right after reading everyones posts and yours help mine morph LOL!

  2. i have several serial killer pieces waiting in the wings but when every i do a piece on a real person or a famous fictional person i do my homework to make it accurate, you should check out my prior limericks to see what i mean, anyway i am just being lazy about it all LOL!

  3. People beat their chests about individualism – while standing very deep within the herd. It is easier to bully the loner.

    Perhaps they’re afraid of the serial killer — safety in the herd?

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