18 thoughts on “in a good book

  1. so cute! i love the rhythm. i do agree, the book is always better than the movie – but sometimes I really enjoy the movie – case in point – Harry Potter – all of them. also, Tom Clancy – The Hunt for Red October was a better book, but the movie gave it more life in mind (plus Sean Connery, Sam Neill and a young Alec Baldwin – need I say anything more?)

    • Kimberly it is not hard to find personal truth in the most fictitious of stories i guess what matters is what you take from the story. i admire fiction writers so much to be able to create from scratch like that at least true life writing you have the template for a story already.

  2. I love your poem – so true! Just today my 15 yr old son said that he can’t wait to read a new book;since the movie based on it was good, he figures the book will be awesome. Our family always prefers the book over the movie.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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