25 thoughts on “no expectations

    • thank you Susan, it came from selfish beginnings i must admit, i used to help out friends all the time and they were unappreciative or never returned what was borrowed or complained i did not give enough. so i decided early in life to give with no expectations. it makes giving easier more productive and now i believe it is helping/giving for the right reasons.

  1. I’m so glad you are back!! I’ve missed your insights and poetry. I’m fiddling with my settings too because your posts aren’t showing up in my reader!!

    I’m sorry to read you had complications after your surgery. I hope everything is good now!!

    And I meant to reply awhile ago about your husband being a volunteer pilot (is that right?) for those fires in California — that’s amazing!! Incredible. I feel honored to be connected in this tiny way.

    All my best and THANK YOU,

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