This is the sweetest thing to have this made for my, I have made such a nice new friend

Rethinking Life


This chicken is for blogger typewriterpoet.  Her poems are written in big bold print which gives her words weight.  She is a wonderful poet and her large and impressive font catches your eye immediately, making her work attractive, easy to read and wonderful.


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12 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. The minute I saw your poems I was blown away by the bold type. It is so impressive and it gives your work weight. I have no idea how you do it but it makes your words stand out and be heard. It’s wonderful and it’s all your own. I love it.

    • actually the way i do it is well a pain, everything is a jpeg i create my work in an app called express because it is quicker that photoshop which is how i did it for years. i also went on line and grabbed a bunch of typewriter fonts (i have a font manager) it adds the fonts i get into almost everything word processing, photo editing etc.the one i use most now is called traveling typewriter =)
      i appreciate your kindness i just wanted to tell you again!

  2. I so agree with what everyone is posting. I have always loved that when I scroll through the Reader that I can immediately recognize your work. Bold font and Bold Words from a Bold Woman. You so deserve the image and the words!!

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